Carpe Diem Tubes Terms of Use

** We reserve the right to not issue a license for Carpe Diem tubes. YOU MUST purchase a tube to get a license. **

    1. Carpe Diem Licensed tubes are made at 72 DPI, and can´t be enlarged in anyway, but you can make smaller tags or layouts.
    2. © Carpe Diem Tubes must be clearly displayed on all creations using his images( like tags, layouts, blinkies, banners). This must be clear and legible.
       You may use your own watermark, or reference to yourself i.e (tagged by, sig by, tag by) type logo markings, however you may not claim a © "your name".
    3. NO other url is allowed on anything made with the artist work.
       Artist URL is required on any sigs/tags/banners/graphics you make: © CarpeDiemTubes,
    4. For credit on Facebook it should read like this ©CarpeDiemTubes, CDT Your License
    5. You must use your Carpe Diem Tubes assigned license number on all creations you make with Carpe Diem Tubes art, even for Free Tubes.
       If you bought your Carpe Diem Tubes on other stores, you must use that store´s license number and CAN´T COMBINE those tubes with ones you purchased
       from the artist store.
    6. You can use credit free stock photography (You may add "Photo By___" or Photo Courtesy of___", but credit free
       meaning no © symbol), your own made elements and other non-royalty elements. You may credit the scrap kit maker by
       adding kit by____ or scraps by ____ but you may not add the © symbol by the scrap artist name. YOU CAN NOT ADD THE
       NAME OF THE KIT ON YOUR TAG. To credit the kit maker all that is allowed is scraps by ____ or kit by___ NOTHING ELSE!!!
       Absolutely no Carpe Diem Tubes images are to be used in any endeavors that would be considered by any employee or
       artist himself as profiting, bartering, breaking even, exchange of normally profitable services or the selling
       TOURNEY/LEAUGE PAGES. You may still do blog layouts with Carpe Diem Tubes art for 100% free. No compensation(MONEY)
       of any kind allowed. You MUST buy the tube first that you wish to kit.
    7. When you advert your kit you MAY NOT just use the tube preview but you MUST make a tag with your kit and
       Carpe Diem Tube's work and follow all tagging TOUs. You MAY NOT just take any preview from the store and make a kit from
       it without tube purchase this is making money off the artist and is not allowed.Nudity may be covered slightly by embellishment elements
       as stars, sparkle, text, bars and shapes.
    8.Cloths may NOT be added or cloned. The integrity of all artist images must remain intact at all times in creations made.
      No heads may be cropped off or switched at any time. ( You can not take the head off one tube and put it on another.
      You also can not use doll bodies). This does not include the close ups that are provided for you. Avatars are still OK to make.
      Incredimail stationary, desk top themes (wall papers), and calendars are allowed. However you must display the artist
      © and license number on the actual creation using the image(s) and a credit with the same information on the stationary, desk top theme or calendars themselves.
    9. Carpe Diem Tubes allows limited tasteful animation. This does not include sexual simulations and anything that takes
       the artistic integrity from the artwork. Blinking and light noise used in hair and clothing is acceptable.
    10. Grey scaling of images, mirroring or transposing is allowed, as well as monotone color changes, edition are allowed as long
        as they are tasteful and in keeping with the artist work.NO EYE, OR SKIN COLOR CHANGES ARE ALLOWED TO BE MADE.
    11. Under no circumstance is the sharing of tubes, packages or any other product from Carpe Diem Tubes is allowed.
        If you are sharing, this is a direct violation of the artist's copyright.
        Anyone found to be in violation will have all licenses revoked and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    If you are found using illegal Carpe Diem tubes ( not purchased by or gifted ) then we can and will revoke your license and ban you from purchasing again.
    When in doubt ask customer service. We reserve the right to not issue a license if we have the belief that you are a sharer or illegal tube user.
    Please report all copyright issues to the email provided at the end.

    12. Blank tags, stationary headers, desk top themes, etc is strictly prohibited. All creations must have either
    a saying (for example a snag tag like hello or happy birthday) or a personalized name on them. If creating a stationary side border, text is not required.
    However you must display the artist © and license number on the actual graphic using the image(s) and a credit with the same information on the stationary
    footer. When creating blog layouts you must display the artist © and license number on the actual graphic using the image(s) AND ON THE BACKGROUND IMAGE
    if you use Carpe Diem Tubes art for your blog background.
    13. No Carpe Diem Tubes licensed images may be used for printing or publishing offline. Licensed images are for online/digital use only.
    You MAY NOT add purses, hats, socks, shoes, stockings etc, that have not been provided as part of the original tube.
    14. All sales are final. NO refunds will be given due to these are digital downloads.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above terms, please contact me at Enjoy & have fun!


Terms of Use for PERSONAL USE

Please read and follow the terms. All digital designs by Claudya Designs are copyright protected and may not be distributed without express written permission from Claudya Rizhman. _______________________________________________________________________

By downloading a freebie or purchased kit(s), element(s), layout(s), etc., you are agreeing to a license to use these products for PERSONAL use. PERSONAL USE items are ok for S4H friendly.
You may use the kit to make layouts for personal customers as long as the final result is a flattened form.
You may not make digital download layouts with my products. IE - quickpages, etc.
You MAY submit your layouts using my designs to contests, magazines and other publications that grant prizes (money and/or gifts) for selection, so long as proper credit is given.
Example of Proper Crediting : Kit Name by Carpe Diem Designs

- You May NOT Share, loan or redistribute any and all parts of this Kit. You may not upload these files to be stored online such as but not limited to 4shared, rapidshaire, mediafire etc.
- You May NOT offer any of my graphics on any web page for download or send them through an internet list or include them in any graphics collection either on the internet or otherwise. You may not add these graphics to any CD for sale.
- You May NOT use Designer Resources or other Personal Use Products to create physical items for sale, to create Paper Scrapbooking products or to create other physical products for sale on sites such as Zazzle etc.
- You may NOT claim these graphics as your own and you may not alter these graphics and call them your own. You may not use these graphics to make brushes, tubes or patterns and redistribute them in any way.
- You may NOT hire somebody to purchase my products to create a blog design on your behalf
- You may NOT use my products for web design or to create custom or pre-made blogwear etc. for free or for sale.
- You may NOT use my products to design a website or store or blog etc where a business is conducted from, or for a paying customer, or where you are promoting a business or have products or services for sale. No commercial website or blog design is allowed whatsoever.
- You may NOT use my products to create Logos/Branding or to promote a business in anyway.
- You may NOT create QuickPages for free or for sale with any of my products, including templates.
- You may NOT create and share freebies made with any of my products.
- You MAY NOT use these products for any harmful, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, immoral, or racial material.
Any sharing of kits or products without paying is stealing. This means kits/products for sale as well as freebies that are given out. Please know that it takes many hours to design digital kits. If you are caught sharing you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Stealing Copyrighted material is a crime.
Thank you for abiding by my terms of use, feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I’d love to see your creations made with my products, my Inbox is always open!
Contact: email :

Terms of Use for Commercial Use

Please read and follow this file in its entirety. The graphics are for PERSONAL USE and COMMERCIAL USE. They may not be reproduced for sale or redistributed in any way!

You MAY:
* use this product in any way you like for making your own papers or elements.
* alter the product (recolor, resize, add patterns/overlays/etc.) to create a product that may be sold incorporate these products into a digital kit (packaged with other elements and papers)
* use this product to create items for sale in digital kits, to create pages for clients and to use them to create web graphics.
* use my templates to create quickpages for purchase but they have to be flattened versions.
* use *styles* & textures to create graphics as a freebie but not the styles or textures as the freebies.

* Use CU elements as freebies ie - ribbon, beads, flowers, etc.
* you are not allowed to trade or share any files from my designs with others.
* resell, repackage, and/or redistribute these files in their original format
* claim these graphics (in their original format or altered form) as your own
* create ANY type of designer tool with these files, never resell for commercial use
* use these graphics to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works, nor for any other purpose which is prohibited by local or international law.
If you use these graphics in a layout submitted to an online gallery, magazine or other publication, you must give credit to Carpe Diem Designs _______________________________________________________________________
Contact: email :


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