Hello! Update on Carpe Diem Designs newsletter

Since i open a store on Etsy to sell digital and printable stuffs last year, i become more focus on full size scrapbooking, cause i love hybrid scrapbook you know (i need to show some pictures of my planner printables here lol).

But, the team who like tagger size and tube art products, don´t need to be worry, cause i like this style too, and i will still making them.

Because of this, i decide to send exclusive freebies only to people who sign Carpe Diem Designs newsletter. I will send no spam, i promisses, so if you stay or sign from now, it´ll be so cool!!! Look what i have for you for this month of September (sending newsletter next week). So, if you aren´t at the list, sign up here, if you´re, it´s all ok, you don´t need to do nothing, just wait for the gift!

CDD_September Freebies

Beside this, all links of my older freebies are expired for good. New things come for take place of old ones.

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